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AL-LAD Blotters

AL-LAD Blotters, 6-Allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide (also known as N-allyl-nor-lysergic acid N,N-diethylamide,N-allyl-nor-LSD. Or commonly as AL-LAD is a novel psychedelic substance of the lysergamide chemical class that produces LSD-like psychedelic effects when administered. AL-LAD Blotters was first investigated in 1984 by Andrew J. Hoffman and David Nichols as part of a series of LSD analogs, which also included ETH-LAD and PRO-LAD. Its activity in humans was later documented by Alexander Shulgin in his book TiHKAL (“Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved”), in which it is described as “considerably less dramatic”). It thought to either be equally or moderately less potent than LSD itself, with an active dose reported at between 75 and 150 micrograms. Buy AL-LAD Blotters online overnight without prescription 

AL-LAD Blotters Buy AL-LAD Blotters online overnight without prescription 

Anecdotal reports indicate that it has subtly different effects to LSD. It often described as being more visually-oriented but with a less introspective headspace. It also has a moderately shorter duration. And is generally considered to be a less anxiety-provoking and “challenging” version of LSD.That is, until the strong dose range is reached, in which their effects are reported to largely converge.

Very little data exists about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of AL-LAD Blotters. And it has a relatively brief history of human usage. First appearing on the research chemicals market in 2013. It commonly marketed alongside lysergamides such as 1P-LSD, ALD-52 and ETH-LAD as a legal, grey-market alternative to LSD. While it often characterize by users as being generally more recreational. And non-threatening compared to LSD, it  highly advised to approach this highly potent, long-lasting. And unstudied hallucinogenic substance with the proper amount of precaution and harm reduction practices if choosing to use it.

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